With our proven track record to supply top world class quality,we have been able to dedicate around 25-30% production for exports as . Our vision is to expand this quantity to 50% of our total production within this financial year.

We, with the vision to supply the best quality have been able to tie up with major company in the world and have been able to secure round the year contracts. It is now we have become regular suppliers to : 

  • U.S.A,
  • Spain,
  • Dubai,
  • Italy

Wovens Sacks / Bags

SACKS FOR PACKAGING: Used to pack cement, fertilizer, food grain & seeds, sugar, oilseeds, chemicals, bale covers, salt, packaging etc. We provide the product as per the customer demand and the specifications vary from customer to customer.

  • PP Woven Sacks / Bags
  • PP Woven Sacks / Bags with Liner
  • PP Woven Laminated Gusseted Bags
  • Bags of specified dimensions
  • Bags as per desired color
  • Laminated/ Unlaminated bags
  • Perforated Bags
  • Back seem bags
  • BOPP Coated Bags
  • Jumbo Bags
  • Leno Bags

Woven Fabrics

  • PP Fabric
  • Flat Fabric
  • Laminated Fabric
  • Fabric for Tarpaulin
  • Fabric for Wrapping